Time to Drive the Car

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

You've probably been thinking it's OK to stay where you are. You've probably been thinking its safe where you are. We don't gain any ground when we stay put; kind of like parking a car and expecting it to take us somewhere. Moving forward is really scary, but if we break it down and do one thing at at a time: Breathe Start the engine.. Breathe Put it into gear... breathe Foot off the break... Breathe Now a little gas... Big, deep breath That's really how we have to see moving forward. Just like starting a car and beginning our journey - one simple action at a time. Move! It's how we live. It's what we have to do to realize our dreams and get to where we're going. Don't worry; I know that's scary; I'm here to help you. Come have an energy session - Find out where you're going and what the next step is...

Some things to consider:

  • Fear paralyzes and convinces us its safe where we are - Fear will stop us dead in our tracks

  • We can find a million reasons not to do the work to have a better life

  • Just as a car has to work to get from A to B, we have to work to move forward and get to where we're going

  • It's OK if you don't know where you're going - There's always help!

  • You're not alone unless you choose to be!

Some things to do right now:

  1. Realize that this is where you are and let that be OK - No Blame, No Shame

  2. Be kind and gentle to yourself and others

  3. Take very good care of yourself

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