Thank You for your Service:

Virginia (Ginger) Boyce Price, RN

On this day, we honor our Fallen Military Heroes - Currently Serving - First Responders and Honorably Discharged Veterans. As a proud member of the Patriot Guard Riders, I would like to acknowledge and thank those in our ranks who identify with those categories. I would also ask that those who have partaken this year, have a safe and happy return from The Run For The Wall. It is still, without a doubt, one of the greatest honors of my life, to stand with them, as we honor ALL who give and have given so much! I've often wondered what it would have been like, nursing the sick and wounded in one of our many wars/conflicts on this planet. I've always enjoyed watching Margret Houlihan on "MASH", dealing with her own inner conflicts, as she navigates the endless tragedy of war. Then there were the "ANZAC Girls" (Prime video); chronicling the real lives of New Zealand and Australian Nurses, caring for Soldiers in Gallipoli and the Western Front. "Morocco: Love in the times of war" (Netflix); nurses traveling to a new land to care for the soldiers during the war. Florence Nightingale (Prime video), caring for and healing soldiers in the Crimean War...So many films about nurses caring for and healing soldiers and injured civilians, alike. Caring for my patients in a clean and ordered environment of a hospital certainly had it's challenges for me, but I simply can't imagine wearing combat boots, being cold, hungry and scared and not having any idea which way was up AND having to care for my patients and watch some of them die or suffer, because I didn't have what I needed to help save them, or anything to relieve their pain...I'd like to think I have what it takes, but the truth is, I just might find myself lacking... So, on this day, I would like to add a special acknowledgment to my medical colleagues who have been and still are a part of healing those in conflict throughout the world - Doctors, Nurses, Medics, Orderlies, Medical Assistants, Phlebotomists and all the other tireless capacities that are needed to support healing the sick and injured. I have included a particularly touching poem from a Vietnam War Nurse - Virginia (Ginger) Boyce Price - an Air Force/Navy Nurse served a year at Cam Rahn Bay, Viet Nam - Photo above: To Florence Nightingale By Ginger Boyce Price, Cam Rahn Bay, 1970 Oh Florence Nightingale of the Crimean War The Lady with the Lamp… Do you recognize we nurses of Viet Nam? Wearing our flak jackets and combat boots Our Peace-Nik head bands and our cammies. Our make love not war T-shirts and Our short timer bracelets. Smoking our Montagnard Pipes and telling short timer jokes. Wearing our Go-To-Hell hats and our Hong Kong Tailor made clothes? Do you hear the choppers bring in the wounded? Do you hear our hearts cry out “What a waste?” Do you hear our minds shout “Why, Why, Why?” Can you see our trust slipping? Can you feel our spirits ebbing? Was the ache in your heart any different in 1890? As you looked into very old eyes in very young faces. Thank you, to you all and thank you for your Service! They say we fight wars so we can have Peace - Let's get that done!

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