"Suicide is Painless..."

Every night at 7pm, I hear those words in my head, as the opening theme for MASH (Lyrics) begins to play. Is suicide really painless???

Statistics tell us that approx. every 12 minutes, someone takes their own life in this country; it's the 10th leading cause of death in the US; and most of us have contemplated ending our lives, at least once in our lives. Some of you are nodding your heads, right now.

So, what makes someone want to take their own lives - PAIN! Physical, emotional, mental; whatever pain we can no longer tolerate.

Most of us don't want to take our lives or hurt ourselves or others, but we simply don't know what to do with the pain! We don't know how to go on living or pretending everything is OK.

I've lost 2 very good friends to suicide. they both took their lives for 2 very different reasons. 2 very different types of pain.

Read here about dealing with the grief of suicide.

Not everyone is in crisis mode when they make the decision...

I remember when I was 16; contemplating jumping from a 3 story window at school; I was bullied and dealing with abandonment issues! I remember wondering when I reached a certain age, if I really had a purpose to remain on this Earth, or if I was merely taking up space and calmly thinking if I should leave and how I would do it.

This has been the best summer of my life, as I have had the honor and privilege of attending missions and standing with the Patriot Guard Riders as we stand for Veterans, First Responders and Active Military members.

Most of us wear a patch on our vests, that simply has the number "22" on it. That's the number of our military/veterans that take their lives EVERY day in this country; it's decreasing, but still way too high!

Suicide is not a taboo word; it's not a word to run away from. Its' a word we need to understand - it has so many meanings for so many people and we have to be ready to respond, even if we feel we don't know what we're doing; reach out - do the best you can; you may just save a life - don't worry about getting it right - get them help!

What to Know:

  • You matter more than you will ever know!

  • Being "strong" means realizing you need help and actually asking for it!

  • There is ALWAYS help!

  • Signs to look for

What to Do:

  • Ask them if they have a plan - if they say "yes", don't leave them alone

  • Do they have a mental health professional; call them - if not, call 911 and they will activate the emergency response team

  • Put the National Suicide Hotline number in you phone - NOW:

1800 273 8255

  • Suicide Resources List

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