Who's the Healer, anyway?

So, that begs the question; what is healing and what is responsibility?

My definitions:

Healing: is creating space for balance within the mind, body and spirit, to allow for the highest good, for me or any/all concerned.

Responsibility: is taking action or inaction and being accountable for that choice.

If we go to the doctor, who is responsible for healing? You? The Doctor?

Who do we give that choice to? Do we have a choice?

How many of us go to a Dr/Healer (Acupuncturist, Reiki Practitioner, Chiropractor, etc…) with the expectation of being “fixed” or made “better”?

Most of us are in some kind of pain and would do anything to get better; right???

How many of us are willing to do what is asked of us?

How many of us are willing to eat differently, move differently, live differently?

How many of us are willing to to actually wake up and not be scared by the person we see looking back in the mirror?

How many of us are actually brave enough to LOVE ourselves, no matter how miserable, or lonely or worthless we feel about ourselves?

What was your initial reaction when you were offered another pill, a suggestion that you exercise more, eat less fat, or sugar, or salt; what was that knee-jerk reaction you had, to that suggestion? Anger? Frustration?

How many of you don’t want to finish this article, because it’s making you angry, because you have to think about this topic?

How many of us have been told if we don’t change, we will die?

How many of us do, actually change what we are doing; our mindset, our way of life, so we can be happy?

The Message Here:

  • Big “Ah-Ha”: Healing is all about change!

  • What is YOUR resistance to change?

  • What are you fighting so hard to hold onto?

  • What don’t you LOVE about yourself, to let it go and THRIVE?

  • Healing is about LOVING ourselves with all our faults and shortcomings and still seeing some good somewhere inside of us!

  • Healing is allowing room/space for CHANGE!

  • It’s NEVER too late to do something to bring us joy and help us heal

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