Our Children are Listening...

Now more than ever, everyone is listening in a whole new way, including our kids.

What do we do and what do we say when we see they're scared or not sure what to think?

How do we talk with them about what's happening in our world in this very uncertain time?

We can't protect our kids from every situation, danger or fear that comes up, but we sure can help them when it comes to avoiding misinformation about emotional pain and grief.

Last week, we talked about loss of safety with what's going on in the world. We may not feel as though we have much control in our lives, but we sure can learn how to help our kids and ourselves in this very uncertain time!

Some things to consider:

  • They have a lot of losses to deal with: their friends, their routine, their safety, an uncertain future...

  • All kids have different levels of maturity and awareness - we're all unique - try and avoid expectations of how they will react with you - accept and meet them where they are

  • Kids are VERY perceptive - be honest with them!!!

  • Everyone is being affected by this all, one way or another

  • Everyone needs a little more encouragement and support, right nowRemember - what we think about, becomes our realIf we're stuck in a negative loop; that's our life - literally!

Some things to do right now:

  1. Make sure you're giving them the right information - go to the correct source: sure you're giving them the right information - go to the correct source:

  2. FEAR = Future Endeavors Are Restricted! = Future Endeavors Are Restricted!

  3. Tell the truth about yourself and how you feel - Don't try and hide your feelings - kids aren't stupid - they read body language - it's OK to tell them that you're scared too, or you just don't know - it helps them feel safer

  4. You go first - it helps them feel safe and be honest about how they feel

  5. Listen with your heart, not your head - you might actually learn something

  6. Be patient - they have to form their own beliefs around what is happening - they may not agree with you - let that be OKEv

Please Avoid:

  1. Please don't tell them: "Don't feel scared" - it 's a very real thing and they may be very scared - it just shuts them down

  2. Please don't tell them: "Don't feel sad" - it's a very normal and healthy reaction to the possibility of someone they know, getting sick

  3. Please avoid trying to be Strong - it sends the message of that's how they should be, too - it shuts them down - they won't want to talk

  4. Please avoid telling them everyone feels the same way - we can only image or assume what someone else is feeling - ask them, instead

  5. Be honest about how you're going to keep them safe - promises don't help, if you can't keep them

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