Loss of Safety!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

When there are so many things happening in the world and causing such a reaction, there will be inevitable changes.

Many of us don't realize this, but with changes come losses

Every time we deal with: a change in, or end of, a familiar pattern or behavior, there are inevitable losses and for every significant loss, we grieve.

Many, many people are having to deal with many, many changes in patterns or behaviors with an uncertain outcome in many cases.

This is showing up as a loss of safety - safety in a familiar routine or way of doing things:

Going to school, work, church, the library, not knowing what's going to be closed next, not knowing if it's safe to travel, just plain not knowing what's safe anymore...

Safety is one of our foundational supports and when that's threatened, we go into survival mode - we start to panic - that spreads fear and distrust

We are facing Loss of Safety!

Some things to consider:

  • Everyone is being affected by this all, one way or another

  • Everyone needs a little more encouragement and support, right now

  • There is always something we can do to help ourselves and others - the internet is full of wonderful ideas

  • Remember - what we think about, becomes our reality!

  • If we're stuck in a negative loop; that's our life - literally!

Some things to do right now:

  1. Please DON'T spread misinformation - advice is cheep and easily given and just spreads fear- go to the correct source:

  2. FEAR = Future Endeavors Are Restricted! Avoid it!

  3. Reach out - Avoid pulling back

  4. Take only what you need - there's enough if we share (well maybe not toilet paper :)

  5. Write down 10 things that DO make you feel safe right now (start with what you're thankful for) and focus on them - put them in a place you can see them, everyday!

  6. Be kind and gentle to yourself and others - everyone is having their own challenge in their own way; including us!

  7. Take very good care of yourself - You matter more than you think!

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