Lighten up, already...

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

First of all - Welcome, so many of you who've joined us after watching the Animal Summit 2020. I know you all enjoyed and learned so many wonderful things.

Again; Welcome to the Family, it's great to have you here!

Secondly, so many of us have had to say "Goodbye" ... I'm starting a new segment in my email: "Let's Honor Them" - just send a pic and something really funny or wonderful about them. Remember, we grieve for any loss that's significant to us and it's not always about living things...

OK; down to this month's business about "Lightening Up".

When's the last time you felt like having fun?

When's the last time you could let your hair down?

Spring is not just a change in the seasons, it's a real and valid reason to bring about some change; somewhere, in how we live.

Spring cleaning? Not just for the house and home...

Some things to consider:

  • 76% of Americans Spring Clean their homes How many of them Spring Clean their minds?

  • What thoughts are you holding onto that are literally weighing you down?

  • What thoughts and emotions could you let go of, that aren't serving you in any good way?

  • Remember - what we think about, becomes our reality!

  • If we're stuck in a negative loop; that's our life - literally!

  • When we're grieving we're usually not in a very good space - it will often keep us stuck in a negative loop of thoughts and emotions...please don't let yourself stay stuck in your grief - it's a life half lived!

Some things to do right now:

  1. Write down 10 thoughts and emotions that keep coming up again and again, that you wish you could let go of

  2. Write down 10 thoughts you'd like to have every day and then: THINK THEM! - I love post-it notes...just saying...

  3. Be kind and gentle to yourself and others - everyone is having their own challenge in their own way; including us!

  4. Take very good care of yourself - You matter more than you think!

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