Heart to Heart Connections:

Connecting to the most important person - you!

OK; I think it's safe to say that we all want to be loved - some of us even want to love others, surprise, surprise!

Great. Now let me ask you this:

What kind of shape is your heart in? Hopefully you and your health care provider have that covered and all is well; but what kind of EMOTIONAL shape is your heart in - yes, I can see you cringing at that you allow people or pets to love you? Why; why not?

OK; let's get real here. It's so much easier to give than to receive; why?

We don't usually feel judged when we give and we usually judge ourselves when we receive (or think others do) - how much we deserve - what we deserve, know exactly what I mean.

You, yes YOU deserve to be loved! - you deserve to GIVE love!

It always comes back to you! We are always responsible and in charge of how much love we give and receive; how much we think we are worthy of.

Try this simple exercise below, by adding whatever word to the statement and see what feelings come up.

"I am..."

Words to choose: Amazing, Lovable, Loving, Capable, Incredible, Bold, Brave, Complete, Present, Creative, Compassionate, Honest - open the dictionary and have some fun with this one.

Let your Heart open - Let that love come in...

Here's a great site to go to and do the quizzes - it will help you see things in a different light: The 5 Love Languages

Let me know what words you chose and if you did the quizzes. They're fun and give some pretty good insight. It's fun for the whole family. For some extra fun, you might like to figure out what love language your animals use to express themselves to you!

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