How many times have we heard: "Forgive and Forget"?

Good Grief - if only we could, right?

It gets all screwed up and we think we understand it and we've done it, but something still doesn't feel right inside...the problem is we really don't always know Who - If we should - or How to forgive...

So many of my clients struggle with forgiveness - They come with such a load weighing them down; they just can't move forward - Then, we do the work that gets them clear and sets them free.

There are the things that happened to us:

You left me and now I'm alone - You died and now I don't know what to do - You walked out and took our child - You abused me/us - You divorced me - You cheated on me - You lied to me - You raped me...

There are the things we feel guilty for:

Things said or unsaid - Things done or left undone - Not caring enough - Being too fat - Being too lazy - Not making enough money - Moving so many times - Screwing up marriages/relationships - Trusting and getting hurt anyway - Being a bad pet parent...

Sound familiar? - Those are some of the stories I've told myself over the years - The things I've believed - The things that became my reality! What have you been telling yourself ? - What's your reality?

We often overlook the one person we really need to forgive = Ourselves - Often for believing those stories!

We need to forgive ourselves or others, so we can be free - We can start with the simple but very effective

Forgiveness Mantra

Call me if you want to go deeper

What forgiveness is:

  • Giving up hopes and expectations of a better yesterday or future

  • Letting go of the pain that's keeping you stuck!

  • Releasing resentments to help heal a broken heart

  • Closing an old chapter to open a new one

  • Changing the same old story you're telling yourself

  • Gaining a healthy perspective

What forgiveness ISN'T:

  • Condoning unacceptable behavior - VIOLENCE IS NEVER OK - if you or someone you know is being abused, Click Here

  • Letting someone "get way" with something - Forgiveness is letting go of the pain, so it can't hurt you anymore!

Ask yourself this very important question:

Do you want to be right or happy?

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