Who I Am

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Ann Allen 
RN - Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist® - Reiki Master/Teacher - Speaker

I've landed in Vancouver Washington via New Zealand (homeland) and Australia, through some pretty crazy adventures, but I still have the accent; or so they tell me.


I’ve done many, many things in my life, but they've all led me to the realization that I'm a Helper; one way or another; whether it’s a Nurse,

Grief Recovery or Reiki/Energy Work. I connect with the same thing in myself, so I can hold a safe place for you and help you.

I trained as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® 13 1/2 years ago and have been helping people GET BACK INTO THIER LIFE, ever since. I love it!

I've since completed my Advanced Certification, so I can help you online, anywhere in the world. 


One of my true passions is animals. I absolutely adore them. 

I love offering Reiki to them. You'll see that on my Services page.

If you really knew me, you would know that I love adventure and speed; Indie 500 laps; here I come!

Since I've been skydiving, nothing's fast enough...not that I've found...

The one thing that is really important to me, is that you feel seen and heard; and for you to know that you and what you have to say, all matter!


When my clients tell me they feel safe with me; why, that's the greatest compliment, ever!


My Approach

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 I live my life by 3 simple mottos

and the first and most important one is:

"Keep it Simple - Keep it Real"

Life's too complicated to be worried

if we're getting it right, all the


I like purpose and meaning in my life and I help you find it in yours with either a Support Session, a Reiki Session, Grief Recovery or one of my Classes or Workshops.

All of my services are offered both in person and online for your convenience.

Let's find out exactly what it is you need, so you can get back into your life, today...