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Grief Recovery - Life Review

Lonely, lost, hopeless and in pain?

I help you find your way back to you...I get you out of your sadness and back into your life, again. 


So many times we're challenged or stuck in our lives and very often, we just don't know why...sometimes, it's because we've lost someone or something very important to us and we're in so much pain, we just don't know what to do with it!

Nobody "gets" us or understands why we're acting the way we are.

They try and "fix" us with words and distractions to take our minds off our pain. Now we can't express ourselves truthfully and that usually just isolates us, even more.


Whether it's Grief Recovery, an Intuitive Reading and Energy Support Session, a Reiki session, or one of my Workshops or Classes, I'll help you get back into your life, again...

All of my services are offered in person and online for your convenience.

Ann Allen, RN - Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist® - Reiki Master - Speaker


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Online and In Person Reiki - Intuitive Readings/Support Sessions

I have lived in grief for over 35 years and without this course I would have died in grief, despite all my attempts to heal.

I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for the Grief Recovery.

I felt completely safe to speak my truth to Ann. She is a true partner in this healing journey.

Ann's knowledge and presentation of this recovery method was excellent. 



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I am so grateful for Ann's help.

I could not have recovered from my grief over my Mom without this.

Grief Recovery really works; it's such a relief!


The way the sessions are set up are well done. Each one made me take some responsibility.

I became open, honest and trusting with Ann and she listened to my whole life story and emotional pain.

By her total support, she has given me the knowledge and freedom to complete and resolve the pain of my loss.

I will continue to use this method in my life and on other losses and will be recommending it to others...



360 721 3433    |    aallenusa@gmail.com

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